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How will this divorce affect me financially?

Facing a divorce is a challenging and emotional journey, but keeping a clear focus on your financial future is essential. Individuals amid divorce often agree to settlements without fully grasping the implications.

This can lead to regrets and financial difficulties down the line, and once a settlement is signed, altering it becomes a complex endeavor.

That’s where I come in. My expertise is in helping you through the financial intricacies of your divorce settlement. I understand that high-stress legal negotiations and intense emotions frequently influence decisions during a divorce.

It’s our job to help you step back and consider the long-term financial impact of these decisions. My goal is to provide clarity and confidence during this turbulent time, empowering you to make informed choices that safeguard your financial well-being for years.

Post-Divorce Projections & Analysis

Our services are designed to give you clarity and confidence regarding your finances. We utilize dynamic case exhibits, including detailed spreadsheets, illustrative graphs, and in-depth personal financial analyses, to project various financial scenarios and outcomes.

I’ll provide the financial expertise and guidance necessary to help you and your attorney understand these issues, develop creative settlement solutions, and evaluate the short and long-term financial impact the settlement will have on you.

Initial Consultation

Begin with a personal consultation to understand your current situation, discuss your financial goals, and collect preliminary information.


Explore different settlement scenarios and post-divorce budgets, providing a range of financial outcomes for consideration.

Secure Data Collection

Securely upload your personal profiles, financial data, proposed budgets, and any settlement offers to our cloud for comprehensive analysis.

Review & Feedback Session

Securely upload your personal profiles, financial data, proposed budgets, and any settlement offers to our cloud for comprehensive analysis.

Financial Goal Setting

Define your financial goals and expectations for post-divorce life,
including lifestyle, savings, and investments.

Refinement & Finalization

Refine the projections based on your feedback, adjusting for any new information or changes in goals.

Comprehensive Data Review

A detailed meeting to go over the collected data, discuss any offers from your spouse, and ensure all financial aspects are covered.

Documentation & Collaboration

Provide documentation of your final financial projection plan and collaborate with your attorneys to support your case.

Develop Initial Projections

Create initial financial projections considering assets, taxes, income needs, housing, and mortgage qualifications.

Empowerment & Strategy

Equip you with knowledge, strategies, and confidence to make informed financial decisions post-divorce.

Pre-Divorce Checklist

Pre-Divorce Checklist

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally taxing period.

It’s a phase where life may seem quite turbulent. If you’re contemplating a divorce or if your partner has initiated the discussion, we’ve developed a list of items you should address before you proceed.